Mar 22, 2023

Models for Smartmockups (Prague based)

  • Canva
  • Prague, Czech Republic

Job Description

Join the team redefining how the world experiences design.

Hey, g'day, mabuhay, kia ora,你好, hallo, vítejte!

Thanks for stopping by. We know job hunting can be a little time consuming and you're probably keen to find out what's on offer, so we'll get straight to the point.

Where and how you can work
Our flagship campus is in Sydney Australia but in this project you’ll be working remotely from wherever you are located. That means you have the ultimate flexibility. Wherever works for you, works for us.

What you’d be doing in this role
As Canva scales change continues to be part of our DNA. But we like to think that's all part of the fun. So this will give you the flavour of the type of things you'll be working on when you start, but this will likely evolve.

At the moment, this project is focused on:

Have you ever thought about modeling? We have a unique opportunity for people of all ages and ethnicities to become a model! At Smartmockups, we help people and businesses worldwide create compelling visual materials, called mockups. Our mockups are on the visual communication website Canva and used by millions of people globally. A mockup is a graphical representation of what a product might look like. Designers use mockups to show people what their designs might look like in real life.

At Smartmockups we createa variety of mockups - mockups of smartphones, laptops, t-shirts, books, cards, and more.
At Smartmockups we want to show the beauty of a diverse and multicultural world. We celebrate all genders, races, and body types.

This is why we are looking for all types of  models:
All genders
All ages
All ethnicities
Natural looks
No visible tattoos
No professional modeling experience is necessary.
Must be able to attend the photoshoot in Prague.

We create authentic mockups that evoke emotion and fit the culture of the user's location. It is important to note that the photo (mockup) you will be pictured in may be used repeatedly.

What kind of photos would we take of you?

  • Photoshoots will take place in Prague. Photos are taken in real-life situations, and models often interact with different types of products. For a better idea of what our mockups look like, check out the images below, which are also on Smartmockups

Would you be interested in this type of occasional cooperation?

  • If yes, please apply for this position and share a few simple photos of yourself. We will be in contact with all applicants.

Other stuff to know

We make hiring decisions to engage contractors based on your experience, skills and passion. When you signify interest in the Project, please tell us the pronouns you use and any reasonable adjustments you may need during the contractor-accreditation interview process.

Please note that contractor-accreditation meetings are conducted virtually.

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