Oct 13, 2021

Product Designer - Mobile

  • Canva
Full time

Job Description

We’re constantly working towards making Canva the best place to work, for everyone. We believe deeply that bringing together diversity of thoughts, perspectives and expression is key for building the best product for our equally diverse community all around the world. We celebrate uniqueness and whatever makes you, you and encourage everyone who wants to help us transform the way the world designs, to join us on this journey. We value all different types of experiences. If you don’t think you quite meet all of the qualifications, we’d still love to hear from you.  
About Us
At Canva, our mission is to democratise design and empower creativity for anyone and everyone, on every platform. Inspired by a team of talented thinkers, an amazing culture and a remarkable growth trajectory – we’re out to change the world, one design at a time. 
Since launch in August 2013, we have grown exponentially, amassing over 60 million monthly active users across 190 different countries who have created more than 6 Billion designs. We are one of the world’s fastest-growing technology companies and we have only achieved about 1% of what we want to do.
About the team
The mobile team is on a mission to ensure that using Canva is a delightful experience on every device. With greater than 50% of our active users using a mobile device to access Canva, this is a critical pillar for continued success.
As a team we partner closely with the Design Experience group in Canva, as well as our Design Systems team. We work together towards building the simple, yet powerful editing tools that Canva is known for as well as owning base level Mobile UI components that empower other teams throughout the company.
Pursuing our mission will not only support our existing mobile user base, but we believe will also empower people from around the globe to find and use Canva for the first time; Further supporting our company critical Monthly Active User targets.
About the role
One of the principles of our design team is to ‘show the future’. As designers we transport the rest of the company into a future we’re yet to build. A big part of the role of a product designer at Canva is to be a visionary—visualising and reinventing the future of design. 
Product designers at Canva take the dream and make it something everyone can relate to and rally behind. We start from the very early stages: finding the right problem to tackle, exploring ideas for how to solve it and then refining it into a coherent solution. Our product designers carry out research, brainstorming, sketching, prototyping, and collaboration with our engineers to ship great products.  We are empathetic user advocates and respect our users’ opinions through interviews, usability testing, and data analysis, as well as wireframing, flowcharting, and journey mapping to show the different stages that customers go through as they come into contact with Canva.
In this role, you'll get to collaborate closely with our Founders, Engineers, Group Leads, Researchers, Product managers and fellow designers to guide our future roadmap and  turn Canva’s mobile vision into a reality. 

Goals you’ll achieve in 0-12 months

  • Audit the current mobile and tablet experience and identify opportunities for improvement and quick wins.
  • Conduct usability tests, collect qualitative user feedback and quantitative data to help shape roadmap priorities for the team.
  • Design and ship your first measurable improvement for Canva mobile product, increasing monthly active users on mobile.
  • Contribute UI components to our Figma design system specifically for mobile, tablet or other cross-platform use cases.
  • Draft mobile UI guidelines to empower designers across Canva to ship better, more usable products to our mobile user base.
  • Partner with the mobile team lead Product Manager and Engineer to form a triad and develop a long-term design vision for Canva on mobile devices.
  • Evangelize mobile design best practices and share user data with fellow product designers throughout Canva.

What you’ll do

  • You will proactively search for and identify high impact problems to solve through research and user empathy. You will use and encourage your team to use data and user feedback to inform team decisions.
  • You will seek out and collaborate with design, engineering and product stakeholders across the business to ensure a cohesive vision for the cross-platform future of  Canva.
  • You will exercise your craft, identifying and producing the necessary visual assets to effectively communicate and test your solutions in order to arrive at high quality designs that are simple, elegant, inclusive and accessible.  
  • You will empower other product designers at Canva by building UI components, guidelines and internally evangelising best practices, supporting the usability and growth of Canva’s mobile and cross-platform product.

What we’re looking for 

  • Your portfolio demonstrates your experience in designing web-based and native mobile applications, with interactions that are simple, inclusive and accessible.
  • You have experience in developing UI guidelines and/or design systems that enable others to build on your work effectively.
  • You are flexible, pragmatic, strategic, tenacious, and take ownership of deliverables and outcomes – you gotta have hustle.
  • You are an empathetic user advocate. You regularly visualise your ideas through prototypes to test with users and you value the backing of research and data when it comes to shipping new experiences that address real user needs. 
  • You thrive in a collaborative workplace; partnering with other designers, engineers, product developers and other disciplines to design and align on feasible and detailed solutions to complex problems.
  • You appreciate big picture thinking. While details are everything, you can recognise and prioritise the short term milestones that will move the needle towards the long term mission.
  • You enjoy a little flexibility in your work. Our growth means there are constantly new things to work on every day, as such it’s likely that you’ll often be working across the board on new and exciting projects.

What you’ll learn & how you’ll develop at Canva

  • At Canva you will build your strategic muscle in close collaboration with product and engineering to drive the short and long term goals and outcomes for one of the company’s largest growth areas. 
  • You will have the opportunity to advance your craft, championing new design interactions that transform Canva’s mobile experience whilst building relationships with some of the most talented designers and engineers across the industry. 
  • You’ll develop your communication and leadership skills as you work with product designers across Canva and evangelise cross-platform best practices and opportunities.
Canva Information
Canva is currently one of Australia’s hottest technology startups and has been ranked Australia’s #1 place to work.
We mean it when we say we want to create a workplace that you love coming to. Our culture is unlike anywhere else and our offices are designed with workspaces for every mood, to help you do great work. At Canva you can be part of a company that is growing rapidly, building a product that users really love.
Psst -We have two in-house chefs that whip up amazing breakfasts and lunches for the whole team - check out what's cooking at: https://instagram.com/canvalife
Being a Force for good.
One of our core values at Canva, “Being a force for good” means we are actively working towards a world that isn't just good for a small few, but one that’s good for everyone. We believe deeply that bringing together diversity of thoughts, perspectives and expression is key for building the best product for our equally diverse community. To achieve this, we need to constantly work towards making Canva the best place to work, for everyone.
We make hiring decisions based on your experience, skills and passion. If you’re keen to apply and need reasonable adjustments or would like to note which pronouns you use at any point in the application or interview process, please let us know.