Oct 13, 2021

Head of Content Insights

  • Canva
  • Sydney NSW, Australia

Job Description

We’re constantly working towards making Canva the best place to work, for everyone. We believe deeply that bringing together diversity of thoughts, perspectives and expression is key for building the best product for our equally diverse community all around the world. We celebrate uniqueness and whatever makes you, you and encourage everyone who wants to help us transform the way the world designs, to join us on this journey. We value all different types of experiences. If you don’t think you quite meet all of the qualifications, we’d still love to hear from you.  

About Us
At Canva, our mission is to democratise design and empower creativity for anyone and everyone, on every platform. Inspired by a team of talented thinkers, an amazing culture and a remarkable growth trajectory – we’re out to change the world, one design at a time. 

Since launch in August 2013, we have grown exponentially, amassing over 60 million monthly active users across 190 different countries who have created more than 6 Billion designs. We are one of the world’s fastest-growing technology companies and we have only achieved about 1% of what we want to do.

About the team
The Content & Discovery group is responsible for sourcing all the content in Canva and then making it discoverable both inside and outside of the product.

The content we source include templates, images, video, audio, icons, stickers, etc. We do this via creating them in house, licensing/purchasing them or via our creator program which allows anyone to upload content to Canva and earn royalties. 

We surface the content in Canva via search and recommendations. We surface content outside of Canva via SEO by making the content in Canva easily found in Google, as that's where a lot of people's design journeys start!

About the candidate
As the Head of Content Insights, you will play a pivotal role supporting Content & Discovery and Canva’s vision and strategy. You will be responsible for the continued development of our people as well as ensuring that only the highest impact initiatives are prioritised, analysed and communicated effectively to leadership. 

You will be expected to lead big strategic questions and work collaboratively with our team and key people across the Content & Discovery group to bring diversity of thought and research into all output prepared by the team. You will be expected to think critically and apply objective viewpoints to your own work and the work of others as we strive to help our teams achieve their crazy big goals.

About the Role
Your role is to lead and build out a Content Insights Team that will work collaboratively with product and operations teams across Content & Discovery. 

You will proactively analyse data, extract insights and feedback with actionable approaches to opportunities and problems throughout the business. 

You will own the definition and refinement of core success metrics of Content & Discovery and drive alignment on it by closely integrating vision and strategy. Continuous insights derived from data build the foundations for an agile and informed strategic decision making engine.

We are seeking those who can see how small pieces of the puzzle fit into the whole picture, spot emerging trends/opportunities and tell a compelling story to leadership in an actionable manner.

You have the skills to extract meaningful insights from large sets of data, know what data to analyse as well as how to overlay a commercial and strategic lens to the derived output. You and your team would bring this analysis to the Product Managers and leadership in a manner that is actionable. Your insights should be deeply integrated into the goals of the various groups, so that all the groups work roll up to a common direction.

What You'll Do:

  • Maximise the impact of content investment, have a clear view as to what represents our next growth opportunities and can make informed strategic decisions based on data and experimentation
  • Structuring complex strategic problems and making actionable recommendations based on large amounts of information
  • Working on cross functional projects and build relations with key stakeholders across the organisation 
  • Helping identify and prioritise new product and growth opportunities 
  • Collaborate with teams in Content & Discovery to set meaningful metric goals that contribute to the overall group goal
  • Drive hiring strategy and support the sourcing of high performing talent to build out an impactful Insights Team
  • Working with the broader Strategy & Analysis team to democratise strategic thinking and support groups in the goal setting / monitoring process
  • Ad-hoc involvement and support in wider strategic initiatives

What We Look For:

  • A genuine interest in understanding our missions, goals and strategies that harmoniously drive both Content & Discovery and Canva’s growth. A strong and developed eye for detail and data-driven strategic thinking as well as a strong desire to understand key perspectives from all stakeholders. 
  • You enjoy upholding high standards of excellence and integrity while operating in a fast paced environment and you are able to adapt quickly, manage workloads and meet deadlines by rallying a high performing team. You have excellent communication skills and approach tasks with a problem solving attitude, with a constant lens of continuous improvement.

We'd also love it if you have:

  • At least 6+ years of relevant experience in management consulting or strategy-driven teams at a high growth startup / tech company 
  • Strong business acumen with advance problem-solving creativity and commercial judgement
  • Experience in analysing large volumes of data and building forecast models, formulating strategic frameworks is great
  • Experience with strategy implementation or operations is considered a plus
  • Strong organisational skills with the ability to work under pressure and within set deadlines
  • Exceptional communication and stakeholder management skills
  • Experience with analytical tools or SQL
Being a Force for good. One of our core values at Canva, “Being a force for good” means we are actively working towards a world that isn't just good for a small few, but one that’s good for everyone. We believe deeply that bringing together diversity of thoughts, perspectives and expression is key for building the best product for our equally diverse community. To achieve this, we need to constantly work towards making Canva the best place to work, for everyone.

We make hiring decisions based on your experience, skills and passion. If you’re keen to apply and need reasonable adjustments or would like to note which pronouns you use at any point in the application or interview process, please let us know.