Oct 13, 2021

Fonts Designer

  • Canva
  • Wuhan

Job Description

We’re constantly working towards making Canva the best place to work, for everyone. We believe deeply that bringing together diversity of thoughts, perspectives and expression is key for building the best product for our equally diverse community all around the world. We celebrate uniqueness and whatever makes you, you and encourage everyone who wants to help us transform the way the world designs, to join us on this journey. We value all different types of experiences. If you don’t think you quite meet all of the qualifications, we’d still love to hear from you.  
About Us
At Canva, our mission is to democratise design and empower creativity for anyone and everyone, on every platform. Inspired by a team of talented thinkers, an amazing culture and a remarkable growth trajectory – we’re out to change the world, one design at a time. 
Since launch in August 2013, we have grown exponentially, amassing over 60 million monthly active users across 190 different countries who have created more than 6 Billion designs. We are one of the world’s fastest-growing technology companies and we have only achieved about 1% of what we want to do.
Work Scope
- 同字体设计负责人一起,为Canva用户创建各种风格精美的字体。
Create Chinese fonts of various styles alongside Canva’s font design lead
- 根据用户调研,完成字体设计任务规划,提出字体创意设计方案,并制作字体模板。
Complete design project planning, propose font creative plan, and create styling font samples based on user preference research
- 根据字体制作任务,完成字体修正,延展等工作。 
Complete font correction and adaptations based on the work plan
- 根据市场需求,提出可行性字体设计方案。 
Propose feasible font design plans for Chinese Font Studio
- 艺术设计、平面、视觉传达、书法等相关专业,本科及以上相关专业
Bachelors or higher degree in Art Design, Graphic, Visual Communication, Calligraphy and other related majors.
- 熟练使用办公软件及AI、PS等设计软件,会Fontcreator,Glyphs 和 fontlab的优先
Proficiency in office software, AI, PS and other design software. Fontcreator, Glyphs and fontlab are preferred
- 热爱字体设计、想在字体设计行业有所作为,善于学习,积极上进,有良好的沟通和团队协作精神。 
Demonstrates passion in font design, and willingness to make a difference in the font design industry. A good learner and a team player with good communication skills.
- 有字体设计经验者、擅长书法者优先
Experience in font design or calligraphy is a plus
We make hiring decisions based on your experience, skills and passion. If you’re keen to apply and need reasonable adjustments or would like to note which pronouns you use at any point in the application or interview process, please let us know.