Jan 15, 2022

Product Manager, Creators Scalability

  • Canva
  • New Zealand

Job Description

We’re constantly working towards making Canva the best place to work, for everyone. We believe deeply that bringing together diversity of thoughts, perspectives and expression is key for building the best product for our equally diverse community all around the world. We celebrate uniqueness and whatever makes you, you and encourage everyone who wants to help us transform the way the world designs, to join us on this journey. We value all different types of experiences. If you don’t think you quite meet all of the qualifications, we’d still love to hear from you.  
About UsAt Canva, our mission is to democratise design and empower creativity for anyone and everyone, on every platform. Inspired by a team of talented thinkers, an amazing culture and a remarkable growth trajectory – we’re out to change the world, one design at a time. 
Since launch in August 2013, we have grown exponentially, amassing over 60 million monthly active users across 190 different countries who have created more than 6 Billion designs. We are one of the world’s fastest-growing technology companies and we have only achieved about 1% of what we want to do.
Product Management at Canva 
The mission of Product Managers at Canva is to create the most accessible design tool for every person in the world. We believe that we can improve the world by empowering everyone to design and communicate visually. As a Product Manager at Canva you help set this vision, define what that future looks like, and build the products and features that get us there.
It’s our responsibility to see products through their entire lifecycle—from concept through to validation, build, post-launch analytics and iterations.

About Canva Creators
The Creators group is a relatively new group at Canva. We have the vision to build the world’s best marketplace in Canva. As part of that vision we will enable anyone to design and sell their designs on Canva.
While the element creator program has been going for a few years, the template creator experience is relatively new. Because they were built separately, by two separate groups, we now have an opportunity to take the best learnings from both and build a world-class user generated content review system.

Goals you'll achieve in your first 6 months

  • Work with the Review and Community team to review the existing tooling and define the next iteration of the product.
  • Determine what a best-in-class plagiarism solution looks like and define a roadmap for how to build it.
  • Develop a 12-24 month strategy for how to scale UGC submission and review, internationally across all content types and including metadata review.

Goals you'll achieve from 6-12 months

  • Deliver your strategy for the world-class UGC review system across all content-types, incl. Templates, video, audio, images, and graphics review in <24 hours!


  • Develop the strategic vision for Canva’s UGC pre-publish, Review and publish experience across all media - templates, elements, video, stickers, all of it!
  • Represent the needs of our Creators and our Reviewers when working with engineering, design, and review team members to develop products.
  • Collaborate with teams that look after internal tooling, as well as other content platforms (such as Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Pexels, Pixabay and Instagram) to learn how the world-leaders do Review. Take those learnings and implement them in our UGC Review experience.
  • Spearhead using ML and data in our pre-publish and review processes so that we can have the most seamless, exciting and enjoyable experience for Creators and Reviewers.
  • Set Crazy big goals and work with your team to make them happen!

Experience you'll have

  • You have 6+ years of experience in Product Management and get excited when someone tells you to 10x your goal.
  • You have experience (and delight!) in taking features and teams from chaos to clarity.
  • You can work effectively with operational teams and other internal stakeholders to create a shared vision and get them excited about where the product is going.
  • You know how to work closely with designers to map out journeys, pain points and opportunities to thrill your customers and stakeholders, alike.
  • You have automated processes before and can show tangible improvements in time taken to complete tasks.
  • You have knowledge of technical systems and can engage with engineers to work through tricky details during refinements.
  • You have a strong sense of urgency when it comes to unblocking technical teams and enabling them to build.
  • Bonus points if you have experience in UGC, metadata systems and/or machine learning
We make hiring decisions based on your experience, skills and passion. If you’re keen to apply and need reasonable adjustments or would like to note which pronouns you use at any point in the application or interview process, please let us know.