Port Stephens Council

At Port Stephens Council, we take the commitment of being an employer of choice seriously. Our Enterprise Agreement strikes a balance between a flexible work environment and remuneration levels, enabling us to compete for the talent we need.

We understand the importance of rewarding employees for their efforts and our benefits are designed to take care of the whole you - keeping you healthy physically, emotionally, financially and socially.

Council’s vision

Engaged and resilient people in strong healthy relationships, working collaboratively, enhancing community wellbeing.

Council’s purpose

To deliver services valued by our community in the best possible way.


Council value rites

The following values and behaviours are considered to be core requirements of our organisation. All staff working for Port Stephens Council are expected to demonstrate these values and behaviours in their dealings with each other and with our community.


Creating a unique, open and trusting environment in which each individual is valued and heard.


Being honest and inspiring trust by being consistent, matching behaviours to words and taking responsibility for our actions.


Working together as one Council, supporting each other to achieve better results for everyone.


Improving the way we work, to meet the challenges of the future.


Providing a safety focused workplace culture to ensure the wellbeing of staff, their families and the community.