At Pillow Talk, we do what we do for the love of comfort.

For over 40 years, we have travelled the world to find the best materials and the latest techniques to ensure our customers get that satisfying feeling of comfort every time they hop into bed or fall among their cushions on the couch. It’s because of this experience, that we like to think of ourselves as the comfort experts.

When we talk comfort though, we don’t just mean the physical feeling of comfort. Our pledge is to bring to you, the comfort of confidence.

The confidence of knowing that you are shopping with a wholly Australian-owned company whose core values are integrity, design and quality, expert knowledge and conscious practice.

The confidence of knowing we are here to help you create the home you love, the home you feel comfortable coming back to at the end of the day, the home you are comfortable to share with family and friends, the home that nourishes you and comforts you. After all, we believe that comfort is what binds us together.

With over 60 stores located from Cairns to Canberra, plus online delivery across all states, we have Australia’s comfort covered. So whatever time of year it is and whatever comfort means to you, we hope we can share a place at your table, a space on your lounge, or help you have your best sleep yet.